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    Peggie Nikander

Although her career path took many different turns, Peggie Nikander credits her genetic makeup as the driving force behind her success as an interior designer. A lifelong lover of art and design, Peggie inherited her artistic tendencies and talent from her mother, who worked in every medium imaginable.

Peggie grew up in California, but moved to Colorado in 1977 “to become a ski bum.” Instead, she became an entrepreneur, running various businesses in the auto industry, even owning a gas station and convenience store. She continued her love affair with art, taking classes and painting primarily in oils. She took great pleasure in decorating her own home, for which she received many compliments.

Peggie put her love of art and interior design to work when she moved to Evergreen and
became a realtor in 1989. She helped homebuilders select fixtures, cabinets, counter tops and paint colors. Even before “staging” was a commonly recognized profession, she helped sellers spruce up their homes before putting them on the market; she also staged the Chimney Creek development in Genesee.

When her husband took a job in Breckenridge in 2006, Peggie found a job at Mountain Comfort, a furniture store in Frisco. Her interior design career took off when she began to decorate everything from rental units to luxury homes.

“I was getting paid to do what I loved,” she says.

After returning to Evergreen, Peggie began to work at Mountain Home in the summer of 2008, further honing her ability to make homes shine with character and personality.

Peggie believes she is successful not only because of her strong sense of style, but because she knows how to listen. She truly enjoys building relationships and trust with her clients. Her most treasured compliment? “This is exactly what I wanted, I just didn’t know how to get there!”