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Wonderful ambiance with inspiring combinations of furniture, accessories and incredible local art work. I didn't want to leave! -- Michelle O.

Introducing the Mountain Modern Gallery

The beauty of home design is that there is no right or wrong. You can turn your space into anything you choose, based on your tastes and lifestyle. Decorating your home is one of the few times that you are actually the center of the universe where your happiness and comfort are paramount.

Living in the mountains should not be seen as a design limitation, but rather as a design adventure, where your world can be exactly what you want it to be. Mountain tradition offers a richness of texture and bold combinations of materials that we are proud to offer, but Mountain Home has taken it a step further. Enter our new Mountain Modern Gallery of fine furnishings and exquisite accessories. Remaining true to our organic sensibilities, we have filled the front of the store with butter soft leathers, forged metals and deeply grained woods that embrace a sleek, modern line and silhouettes inspired by 21st Century architecture.

The criticism of modern is often that it goes too far, removing texture and detail in an effort to produce a clean finish. We picture a sharp edged white table and chartreuse plastic chair in the middle of a large room lit by a huge chrome swing arm lamp that in a pinch can double as a jungle gym – somewhat striking when you first see it, but off-putting to the resolute spirit of the mountain home owner. We live in the mountains in part because we are drawn to the breathtaking surroundings and we attempt to bring them in close, filling our homes with remnants of the outdoors. Still, some of us yearn for the unfettered, uncluttered freedom of the contemporary, and we wonder if the two can ever establish common ground.

The Mountain Modern Gallery at Mountain Home is proof that modern has made itself at home in the mountains, bringing a sleek, glossy finish to a world of strong, comforting realism and the results are nothing short of stunning. Every piece is a new experience with something different to see or feel from the amber glow of an aged canvas lamp shade to the sweep of a rolled, armless side chair with a bolster style foot rest. We will show you that you can satisfy your modern leaning without betraying your high country roots; that polish and comfort can go hand in hand to give you a uniquely rocky mountain space that boasts the glamour and grace of the best of modern design.

It is the imaginative mix of metal, wood, textiles and glass that take this modern collection from the usual to a distinctly organic, entirely fresh composition of luxurious home furnishings for your mountain modern home. We call it the Mountain Modern Gallery because a walk through is something like a visit to an art gallery where each item is the result of a decidedly artistic vision. As always, we have chosen these furnishings for their quality materials and construction as well as their “can’t find it anywhere else” design, and we are proud to add this gathering to our Mountain Home family. We invite you to experience our new front of store showroom and we look forward to helping you make your home your favorite place to be.