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The last Friday of every month, there is an art opening featuring an artist whose works hang on the furniture store walls!! Totally awesome!
-- Mary Ann T.

I love how Mountain Home showcases the artwork of local artists. What an amazing way to bring communities together!
-- Kristin M.

  Art. It’s a small word that makes a huge impact. Here at Mountain Home, it all started
when we invited a few friends – all talented artists – to display their paintings,
photographs and sculptures in our showrooms. The idea blossomed, and art is now a
primary focus and one of our main attractions. The artwork, as it turned out, was a
magnificent addition to the various rooms on display throughout the store. The fully
decorated rooms, in turn, were greatly enhanced by the presence of original art. It’s a
winning combination for us and for our customers, who love to see how the art would
show in a real home setting. We add to the fun by hosting artists’ receptions on the
last Friday of each month from May through November. It’s a wonderful opportunity for
friends and customers to connect with the artists, enjoy each other’s company, and
snack on smoked salmon. You’re always invited!


Betsy Buckner Kadane
Instinctive and bold are adjectives that might apply to Betsy's art, but the overall effect is wonderful and sought out by increasing numbers of people in this region.




Margaretta Caesar
Margaretta's paintings are a striking whole... a beautiful combination of color, technique, composition and style. Exciting art from a very talented artist in the mountain area!



  Candles, Candelabra, Grasses

Melanie Warsinske Nuchols
Melanie describes herself as a Oils and Mixed Media Abstract Artist. Her 3 dimensional works are vivid and full of texture.




Vicki Renfro
Vicki holds Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and Illustration. She and her husband own Zuni Signs. Her paintings capture the beauty of Colorado wildlife.




Tom Ware
Tom is one of the finest sculptors in the region. The recipient of many awards and commissions, Tom's art graces many buildings and public areas. His work is honest and strong and beautiful.


Tom Woodward
Tom is a Yale graduate and was a very successful architect before turning to sculpture. It is exciting to see all of his experience and creativity resolving itself in his art... the shapes and materials--particularly his wood pieces, so diaphanous that you can almost see through them!

  Bedding and Linens