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Wonderful ambiance with inspiring combinations of furniture, accessories and incredible local art work. I didn't want to leave! -- Michelle O.
  An accessory is defined as “a thing that can be added to something else to make it
more versatile, useful or attractive.” That definition only begins to describe the array of
Living room, Dining Room, Bedroom & Office accessories we offer – from pillows to
potpourri, candles to greeting cards, lamps to chandeliers, copper and brass to pottery
and ceramics, florals to ornaments, and so much more. Perhaps what distinguishes
Mountain Home most is that each and every accessory is handpicked to reflect an
overall sense of design and authenticity for any room in your home.

Pillows and Throws
Our pillows run the gamut of patterns, fabrics, textures and design, including the spectacular ones we found made from old kilims and antique hand-knotted rugs.  Both pillows and throws can provide a soothing presence or an extra pop of color.  They help finish a room, setting a tone of warmth and comfort.  Oh yes, they also supply a place to rest a weary head and warm a chilly body!

  Pillows make the sofa

Our silk florals are the most natural silks available. They make wonderful, uplifting accents and centerpieces. Our talented staff can tailor arrangements to suit any space and purpose. Florals bring the outside in, add visual interest, and promote positive energy.


There is nothing more soothing and romantic than a candlelit room. Candles, candlesticks and candelabras provide perhaps one of the simplest ways to create mood and ambience. Our long-burning candles create subtle lighting, fragrance, life and movement in any room. We feel strongly about the significance of candles, so we offer numerous sizes, colors and styles to enhance the atmosphere in your home.

  Candles, Candelabra, Grasses

Electrical lighting is a practical necessity that also helps set the mood. We offer lamps, chandeliers and wall sconces made of crystal, wood, ceramic, stained glass, metal and other materials. Our wide selection allows homeowners to achieve that difficult balance between function and beauty.


Copper & Brass
Burnished by time and featuring timeless methods of craftsmanship, these vessels add character to any room. Our copper and brass pots beautifully accent a variety of spaces, and can either stand alone or serve as storage space for anything from plants to magazines.

  Copper Pots

Pottery & Ceramics
Vases, pots, bowls and other containers for every imaginable use add flair and color and fun to your home. Strategically placed, they can put the perfect finishing touch on tables, shelves, cabinets, countertops and floors.


Bedding & Linens
As the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, the bed makes the strongest statement in the room. The defining influence of that statement lies in the bedding and linens. We offer endless, exciting options for color palettes, fabrics and textures, whether your taste runs toward vibrant and dramatic, cool and clean, or warm and soft. Let us help you transform your bed into a comfortable, inviting refuge that will inspire your dreams.

  Bedding and Linens

This is a Colorado company offering the finest mattresses made and now available at Mountain Home.  There is no cardboard used in construction and the mattresses have a 20 yr warranty.

  Bedding and Linens